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Category: Zombie Games

Description: It’s you against over 900 zombies. That’s not unusual, because it’s...ZOMBIE NIGHT!

Useful tips:
-Aim for the brains!.
-Reload only when necessary INSERT INTO `files` VALUES (otherwise you’d lose the bullets inside the magazine you are discarding).
-Don’t underestimate the Pistol. It can kill a zombie with two head shots and it’s faster to reload.
-Use the Pistol whenever it’s possible, and use the stronger weapons when the enemies are too many.
-The grenade excels when there are lots of zombies together.
-With the shotgun, you can hit two zombies in one shot, provided they are far away INSERT INTO `files` VALUES (because the bullets/pellets disperse).


Zombie Night 2
Addicting Games
Zombie Night 2
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