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Category: Management Games

Description: Years have passed since you found yourself washed ashore on an island and helped primitive natives save their civilization. Back home and now with a family to care for, that adventure is but distant memory, until that past comes knocking at your door. The tribe's shaman is urging for your help once again, but this time, not only is his island in trouble, but the entire world as well.

Return to the island where it all began and stop the danger that is lurking over the entire planet. Challenge entertaining levels as you meet exotic creatures, learn new potion recipes, and explore caves for hidden treasures. Retrieve the missing sacred talisman and reunite the 2 gems that the tribe used for their rituals. Find and equip yourself with magical tribal marks to improve your chances of surviving while battling the mighty pirates who have learned magic rituals of their own.

From Gamehouse and YoudaGames


Youda Survivor 2
Addicting Games
Youda Survivor 2
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