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Category: Management Games

Description: Samantha is a talented young jewelry designer who learned everything she knows from her grandfather. While she knows the basics however, there's still much more to learn so she has enrolled in jewelry classes to earn her degree. Little does she know that this will send her on the journey of her lifetime.

Help Samantha design beautiful jewelry, serve customers quickly, and win the coveted Designer of the Year award in agnificent levels. As impatient customers line up for fashionable accessories, it is up to you to quickly produce and assemble all the glitter and glamour they desire. Watch out however as you encounter The Russian in the dark, the mystical Zen Lady and even thieves that try to rob you! Stay calm and use your multitasking skills to finish orders quickly, keep your treasured customers happy and grow your business.

From Gamehouse and YoudaGames


Youda Jewel Shop
Addicting Games
Youda Jewel Shop
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